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Welcome to Elverion Welcome to Elverion Welcome to Elverion
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Welcome to Elverion

Updating Whenver Possible

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Welcome to Elverion. This is a comic about a girl named Valarindi who gets sent to another world and must complete her mission in order to return home. Assisting her on her journey is a group of misfit would-be heroes; Rayne, Caleb, Shintaro, and Korah. Join our heroes in their adventure to save Elverion!

the Monkey's blog
Friday, July 9, 2004
4:42 PM

ok... obviously this whole trying to get back on track thing isnt working out so well... so im just gonna update whenever i get a new page done. this whole wednesday issue isnt working out so well for me... im not etirely sure why its always taking so long to get these pages done... maybe its the coloring or something... i may try something much rougher for the next few pages, but well see how that goes. in any case, there will be a new page up tommorrow (saturday) and then another whenever it gets done. hopeully it will be more frequentlly...

.: Posted by Christal Ashton

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